Setting up a studio (in the real world)

Oh boy! It has been a long, long week. Thanks god it’s semester holidays right now. If I would have to set up a studio, work at my parttime job and attend classes I would probably not sleep at all.  This week I spend most of my time at my aunts place trying to get rid of junk, sort out things and tools that you can still use and those you can’t use anymore, driving to the trash station, buying heavy duty shelves, painting, cleaning,…. Continue reading

Setting up a studio (in my mind) #1

So it feels like it has been ages since I posted anything on this blog. But since I am investigating on how to set up my own clay-studio I thought it would be a good way to document all the steps necessary for that. It might be helpful for others who are going through the same trouble. Especially with all the translations from the american system to the german. When I came to the U.S. in 2015 I had never worked with clay before and soon fell in love when I was introduced to slipcasting and throwing. I actually wanted to do so many things at the same time that my teachers ordered me to focus on slipcasting for the first semester before I was allowed to get into the timeconsuming act of throwing. But once I started it was hard to ever stop again. I spend most of the evenings in the studio throwing, trying out printing techniques, getting into sgraffito/mishima techniques and getting myself a carpal tunnel syndrome while doing so. Continue reading

Kürbis-Pfifferling-Pfanne / Squash-fallmushroom-pan

This recepie that a friend of mine brought to life has been dominating my menue since it got cold. We are already having pretty cold temperatures at night and though our days are still mostly sunny they’re chill and the leaves start turning their colors already. It’s fall and what better to eat than squash after a long hike or a workday at the market? I found this recepie to be supereasy and quick to make. Plus, you have a ton of variations on hand. Because it is fall right now there are a lot of mushrooms popping out all over the forests. One of them is called “Pfifferling” (Cantharellus cibarius). It is a bright yellow-orange mushroom that has a spicy edge to it. We do sell them at the market too, which is why I occasionally take some with me. Anyways they go well with pumkin. Especially with Hokkaido-Pumkin (Cucurbita maxima ‘Red Hokkaido’). Continue reading

Tomatencremesüppchen / Tomatoecreamsoup

When I last worked at the farmers market on saturday we had soup-tomatoes for the first time. Soup-tomatoes are tomatoes that have some kind of flaw and aren’t sellable at full price because of that reason. They might sap because they have an open spot somewhere or have too soft spots/ are too ripe. However, for soup this is perfect. The tomatoes are cheaper and usually have more flavor because they’re too ripe already. My chef was so generous to tell me I could take whatever I needed. So I took a lot of tomatoes. I guess around 8 or 10 pounds. And today I made a tiny amount of soup and a big amount of tomatoesauce from it. The sauce I poured into jars to keep them fresh for a longer time, the tomatoesoup we ate immediately. The recepies for the soup and the sauce don’t really varry much, I just purreed the soup longer and added cream. Here’s the recepie for the soup: Continue reading

Naan Brot

Heute habe ich noch einmal den Lammeintopf gemacht, den Julian liebevoll Indisch Stew getauft hat. Er ist diesmal, falls das überhaupt geht noch besser gewesen als letztes mal. Das könnte daran liegen, dass ich keine Süßkartoffel verwendet habe…
Jedenfalls habe ich mich auch erinnert, dass letztes mal noch Brot oder eine andere Beilage gefehlt hat, die man zu dem Eintopf essen kann. Und weil es in den USA immer Naanbrot zu den inidschen Gerichten gab, habe ich kurzerhand entschlossen das mal auszuprobieren. Leider weiß ich nicht, ob mein Rezept authentisch ist, aber die Fladen sahen denen aus den Restaurants sehr ähnlich. Continue reading


Neulich wurde bei uns in der WG entschieden, dass wir unseren Süßkramkonsum (genauer: den von Johannes) einschränken möchten. Da es aber schon irgendwann erlaubt sein muss Süßes und insbesondere Kuchen zu essen, haben wir uns überlegt, dass es von nun an Sonntags Kuchen geben soll. Gesagt, getan. Diesen Sonntag gab es also Käsekuchen. Continue reading