Going spouty

The past week I spend almost four full days in my studio. Did go there directly after work on tuesday and stayed till late friday. It was amazing! I managed to throw a teapot and learned that spouts are super tricky, especially the thin part on the top. If you throw it too thin it will twist around itself and though that can look pretty cool it usually is just very annoying. I suspect it is a combination of letting the wheel run too slow, moving up too fast, colaring too much in too little time and throwing too wet/ too thin. That said I produced three to four spouts for one teapot because I crashed one, twisted a second and wanted a fourth just in case something happened to the third. Anyways, I had a ton of spouts in the end but only two teapots to put them on. Continue reading

So on tuesday after work I took the train and the bus and went to my new studio. I was tired but that didn’t stop me from making a pasterbat to dry the clay on if it needs to be recycled. I also made a dampbox by pouring plaster inside one of my big storing boxes. And they got to use immediately afterwards. Because on wednesday I started throwing again. I did about 7 mugs out of my Carl Jäger 9/SF clay which has about 20 percent of grog and immediately sanded my hands. But it was a good feeling and I think for starting to throw it was the right clay to not get frustrated with. Continue reading

Setting up a studio #2

So this weekend I worked fulltime on my new studio, with my mom and dad. We made very good progress. Now everything is almost perfect. I installed the shelves for bisqueware and glazeware on the walls as well as the shelves for the glazes themselves. We also set up one more of the workbench-shelves to have more space for all the plaster molds I am going to make. My aunt owns a ton of bought molds, but most of them are veeeeery old and start cracking up. Not sure if I can still use them. Some are also still very dirty from being flooded with mudd-water. I will clean them up, let them dry and see how they work I guess. Continue reading

Setting up a studio (in the real world)

Oh boy! It has been a long, long week. Thanks god it’s semester holidays right now. If I would have to set up a studio, work at my parttime job and attend classes I would probably not sleep at all.  This week I spend most of my time at my aunts place trying to get rid of junk, sort out things and tools that you can still use and those you can’t use anymore, driving to the trash station, buying heavy duty shelves, painting, cleaning,…. Continue reading

Setting up a studio (in my mind) #1

So it feels like it has been ages since I posted anything on this blog. But since I am investigating on how to set up my own clay-studio I thought it would be a good way to document all the steps necessary for that. It might be helpful for others who are going through the same trouble. Especially with all the translations from the american system to the german. When I came to the U.S. in 2015 I had never worked with clay before and soon fell in love when I was introduced to slipcasting and throwing. I actually wanted to do so many things at the same time that my teachers ordered me to focus on slipcasting for the first semester before I was allowed to get into the timeconsuming act of throwing. But once I started it was hard to ever stop again. I spend most of the evenings in the studio throwing, trying out printing techniques, getting into sgraffito/mishima techniques and getting myself a carpal tunnel syndrome while doing so. Continue reading


Als ich heute zum Atelier gefahren bin hatte ich ein ganz flaues Gefühl im Magen, weil ich mir nicht sicher war, ob mit dem schrühen alles geklappt hat. Aber als ich den Ofen aufgemacht habe war der Cone ordnungsgemäß geschmolzen und meine Becher alle intakt. Für die Skulpturen von Toni, die ich für sie mitgeschrüht habe sah es allerdings nicht so rosig aus. Drei waren in Ordnung, aber bei einer ist ein großes Stück abgeplatzt. ich glaube aber eher, dass das an einer Luftblase lag, die sie versehentlich im Ton eingeschlossen hat denn an meinem Schrühplan. Vielleicht war es auch beides, ich hab ja noch nicht so viel Erfahrung. Continue reading

Bisquing for beginners

Bin gerade dabei meinen ersten Ofen zum Schrühen im Alleingang zu feuern!!! Offiziell ist die Phase in denen Mike Murphy von der Universität Sachen schrüht schon am 1 Mai abgelaufen. Aber weil wir im Atelier auch einen Ofen haben schrühe ich jetzt dort. Meine letzten vier Becher und Tonis Skulpturen sind drin. Ich bin gespannt wie und ob es klappt. Anbei mein Feuerplan und ein paar Bilder von den Bechern. Habe auch einen extragroßen Forellenhumpen für den Papa gemacht.

Außerdem hab ich Flyer für einen erneuten Yardsale am Samstag gedruckt und überall verteilt. John hat mir später danei geholfen und wir haben uns einen Bananensplit geteilt der dubioser Weise im Becher kam statt auf einem Teller.