2nd Bisque

It’s been exactly a month since I did my last bisque fireing. I have been superbusy throwing, slipcasting and slab-building so I can do a second bisque. Today I drove to my aunts place (by bike!) to load the kiln and candle it for a bit, so the pieces are really dry. Since it rained all day there’s a high humidity in the air and I don’t wanna risk it damaging my pots when I bisque it right away. And yes, I drove through the rain, all the way up up up to Stromberg and then down into the valley where my aunt lives. It started raining just when I got out of the train in Bingen and started biking. First I didn’t find the right way, then I realized it would go uphill for quite some time and cursed my grandpa for having bought a house in a valley instead on a hill. That way I at least would’ve only had to go uphill one way. But since the house is in a valley I will need to go uphill again when I drive back to Mainz… Anyways, I made it. Two hours, some emergency yoghurt and fruit and a lot of nerves later I arrived at my aunts place. Of course I was soaked in rain, but at least I didn’t have to fight with constant headwind, rain and slippery sheep-poop on the street anymore.
Before being able to load the kiln I first had to make some more kilnwash since I had used up the old one. I also needed to paint a couple of shelves, especially the newly aquired half-shelves. I also needed to dry them with a fan because the humidity in my studio was so high it didn’t even dry one little bit after two hours of waiting. Then I started stacking and I stacked well. Almost everything fit in, except some slipcast branches and a couple of bowls. I consulted Skylar for some advice beforehand concearning the large branches I needed to fire. He said I should fire them upright and not lay them down on the ground as it might lead to cracking due to uneven heat distribution. So I needed a lot of upright space in the kiln which made it hard to fit all the small pieces in there. I only had space for three shelves in the bottom before I needed to switch to the half-shelves to leave enough space for the huge branches. I also stacked the hell out of these bowls and mugs. Actually I am a little worried about them cracking because the bottom bowl carries too much weight. We’ll see I guess. If it doesn’t work out I’ll have learned something from it the hard way =D
Tomorrow I’ll start the actual bisquefire very early in the morning. My kiln has a wait-setting which I will use tonight so it will start by itself tomorrow morning at 6. Then it should have the highest electricity consumption around 11-3 which is hopefully the time the solar-panels of my aunt will produce the most energy so it’ll be a little cheaper than only using bought electricity.


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