Pottery Update

Last time I payed a visit to my studio I wanted to finish up all the projects I was working on. I had handles to attatch and teasets to assemble. I trimmed foots and lids and threw some of the biggest bowls I have thrown so far (about 3kg/6 pounds, 25 cm/ 9,8” diameter). Beforehand I had only tried throwing lids that kind of sink into the opening and completely rely on the rim of the teapot to stay where they are.

They are thrown with the knob on top too. On the new lids I tried I incorporated a drop-down rim that would secure the lid more when sitting in the teapot. These lids are thrown upside down, so you trim out the knob on top after throwing. To the right you can see how it looks before flipping and trimming it. Atelier_34It was a lot of fun and showed that I finally got the centering kinda down. Also the lid fit the double-bellied vessle I threw very well. But the spout I attatched to it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. It’s too broad I think and not long enough. So ultimately it looks a little odd. But it comes with five matching mugs and I like the handle a lot. There’s always the chance to throw another pot and lid anyways.



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