Got a brand new kiln from a kindergarden that sold it pretty cheap. Couldn’t be happier about it.20170421_171806.jpg


Pottery Update

Last time I payed a visit to my studio I wanted to finish up all the projects I was working on. I had handles to attatch and teasets to assemble. I trimmed foots and lids and threw some of the biggest bowls I have thrown so far (about 3kg/6 pounds, 25 cm/ 9,8” diameter). Beforehand I had only tried throwing lids that kind of sink into the opening and completely rely on the rim of the teapot to stay where they are. Continue reading

Bread with topping that I don’t wanna call Pizza

The other day I had a real craving for baking. I wanted to bake something salty, non-cakey. That imagination was fueled by the thick bush or basil that has been growing in our kitchen all winter long but never was used as a herb because we lacked nice and ripe tomatoes. I imagined a dough that was spread thinly but had a thick rim. And on the thinner part there should be dried tomatoes (also available in winter) and olives and maybe cheese. Very simple. Not too much topping and still winter-friendly. Kind of like focaccia but with a very stretchy and rather firm dough. It should not be Pizza I thought. It should be a bread with a topping. More like the german Dinnete or Flammkuchen. So no tomatosauce and only very few ingredients. But very good ones at that too. And since I didn’t have to work on the market that friday that I wanted to make Pizzabread without it being pizza I went to the market anyways. This time I was a customer though and not selling the products to other people. Fabio and Meike accompanied me and it was one of the most relaxing mornings since a long time. We spent time having coffee, and checking out good cheeses. I bought a 2 year old peccorino and some mountain cheese as well as dried tomatoes and olives and arugula. The dough I had set up in the morning before going to bike the big route. So there was not much time to let the sourdough develope but since I have a pretty strong sourdough the only thing I was really concearned about was the taste, not the rising action. Though the taste doesn’t matter as much, if you top your bread with strong cheese and other yummie stuff I guess. I used a Pizzaflour I had bought from Adler-Mühle recently. It is a mix of semolina and semolinaflour. The dough gets really stretchy in the making and nice and crispy after baking. Continue reading