Going spouty

The past week I spend almost four full days in my studio. Did go there directly after work on tuesday and stayed till late friday. It was amazing! I managed to throw a teapot and learned that spouts are super tricky, especially the thin part on the top. If you throw it too thin it will twist around itself and though that can look pretty cool it usually is just very annoying. I suspect it is a combination of letting the wheel run too slow, moving up too fast, colaring too much in too little time and throwing too wet/ too thin. That said I produced three to four spouts for one teapot because I crashed one, twisted a second and wanted a fourth just in case something happened to the third. Anyways, I had a ton of spouts in the end but only two teapots to put them on. The first teapot has a very classic, round design, the second was meant to be a vase and looks a little goofy. But I tried to match it to some of the mugs I had thrown ealier, so I could create a set of those mugs and the teapot later on. The third isn’t assebled yet. I tried throwing several mugs and a teapot in the same shape and size off the hump, so I would have a set that matches perfectly later. But as I had to learn soon after it is pretty hard to get them to be the same height, even if the diameter of the opening is the same size. Also making handles look the same is harder than expected. Even small diffrences will be noticed in comparison. So there’s still lots and lots of training to be done. I also am almost sure I need to rethrow the lid since it is a little small for the teapot. Only problem will be the shrinkage since I throw in wet clay but the teapot is only damp and probably shrunk a little already. Anyways, here’s some pictures of the leatherhard pots.


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