So on tuesday after work I took the train and the bus and went to my new studio. I was tired but that didn’t stop me from making a pasterbat to dry the clay on if it needs to be recycled. I also made a dampbox by pouring plaster inside one of my big storing boxes. And they got to use immediately afterwards. Because on wednesday I started throwing again. I did about 7 mugs out of my Carl Jäger 9/SF clay which has about 20 percent of grog and immediately sanded my hands. But it was a good feeling and I think for starting to throw it was the right clay to not get frustrated with. The clay itself looked and felt a bit too wet though. The clay I used in Chico was more stable and harder to deform. I need to find out what to do about that. From the four clay-balls I had I crashed two. They were a little too big for a mug also and that is when I decided to try to throw from a big lump of clay. I centered a third of a bag of clay more or less on my wheel and then focused on the tip. I centered it well and pulled it up. A cute little mug was the result. I shaped it and tried to cut it off. That was harder than expected though. It deformed and wouldn’t let go off the lump. So the next time I tried to seperate the foot more from the lump by pushing my hands down a little. that worked better, but the best results I got from actually trimming the foot down with a tool and then wireing it off. Which was causing the next problem. It is damn hard to wire something off a huge lump of clay if you don’t have any references to see if you do it horizontally. So most of my mugs were sitting on the shelf looking kinda angular. 20170315_174859
When I tried throwing some more mugs the day after I was prepared though. I also tried throwing with my Carl Jäger 9/ clay which has no grog at all. It is very soft and wet too which made it harder to pull up. Still it was a lot of fun and I just knocked off 15 more mugs. they are pretty thin walled too and I am believing that they also have the same wall thickness down to the bottom. At least after I trimmed them, which was easy since there wasn’t much to cut off thanks to my lump-throwing.
When I had them all trimmed I made handles only to realize that there wasn’t enough time to attatch them all till I needed to catch my bus back home. So I only attatched the grog-handles and left the other handles in the drybox with all the mugs. I hope I didn’t hydrate them too much though since some were already pretty dry when I trimmed them and I put a lot of water on them to rehydrate them. Though the plaster sucked it up and I am not sure how long it takes for the mugs to absorb part of that water. I will see next tuesday =)


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