Setting up a studio #2

So this weekend I worked fulltime on my new studio, with my mom and dad. We made very good progress. Now everything is almost perfect. I installed the shelves for bisqueware and glazeware on the walls as well as the shelves for the glazes themselves. We also set up one more of the workbench-shelves to have more space for all the plaster molds I am going to make. My aunt owns a ton of bought molds, but most of them are veeeeery old and start cracking up. Not sure if I can still use them. Some are also still very dirty from being flooded with mudd-water. I will clean them up, let them dry and see how they work I guess.

I also finally unpacked my wheel! It was like magic, we fell in love the instant I saw it’s shiny aluminum head =D Of course I tried throwing some pots on it right away. The only problem was that I discovered I had lost my wirecutting thingy. So I crashed two pots by trying to cut them with another kind of wire. Didn’t work. It cut everywhere but not where it should have cut. After this frustrating encounter I decided to try again once I have a good wirecutter. But the next day my mom asked me to show her how it works. And we even found a slim and stiff wire to cut the bowl. Next time my mom is here she wants to try it too. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch her try I guess.
I am also very grateful that I got so much help and support from her, my dad and my aunt. Even though my dad doesn’t work in the space anymore it is still his shop and my aunts and moms house. I think it is pretty generous to just give me the space and help me out moneywise. Also it comes in handy, that my family stores stuff. A lot of stuff. The two wooden workbenches for example were sitting in the back of the shop, burried under other stuff. But they are as sturdy as they get and I couldn’t think of a better table to make molds and glazes on. Anyways, here’s some more pictures:


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