Kürbis-Pfifferling-Pfanne / Squash-fallmushroom-pan

This recepie that a friend of mine brought to life has been dominating my menue since it got cold. We are already having pretty cold temperatures at night and though our days are still mostly sunny they’re chill and the leaves start turning their colors already. It’s fall and what better to eat than squash after a long hike or a workday at the market? I found this recepie to be supereasy and quick to make. Plus, you have a ton of variations on hand. Because it is fall right now there are a lot of mushrooms popping out all over the forests. One of them is called “Pfifferling” (Cantharellus cibarius). It is a bright yellow-orange mushroom that has a spicy edge to it. We do sell them at the market too, which is why I occasionally take some with me. Anyways they go well with pumkin. Especially with Hokkaido-Pumkin (Cucurbita maxima ‘Red Hokkaido’). Continue reading