Tomatencremesüppchen / Tomatoecreamsoup

When I last worked at the farmers market on saturday we had soup-tomatoes for the first time. Soup-tomatoes are tomatoes that have some kind of flaw and aren’t sellable at full price because of that reason. They might sap because they have an open spot somewhere or have too soft spots/ are too ripe. However, for soup this is perfect. The tomatoes are cheaper and usually have more flavor because they’re too ripe already. My chef was so generous to tell me I could take whatever I needed. So I took a lot of tomatoes. I guess around 8 or 10 pounds. And today I made a tiny amount of soup and a big amount of tomatoesauce from it. The sauce I poured into jars to keep them fresh for a longer time, the tomatoesoup we ate immediately. The recepies for the soup and the sauce don’t really varry much, I just purreed the soup longer and added cream. Here’s the recepie for the soup:


Zutaten / Ingredients (serves about 3):

∗ 1.5 kg geschälte Suppen-Tomaten / peeled soup-tomatoes
∗ 150 ml Sahne / cream
∗ 1 Zwiebel / onion
∗ 1 Knoblauchzehe / garlic clove
∗ je 2-3 Stängel Oregano, Rosmarin, Thymian / oregano, rosemary, thyme 2-3 branches each
∗ Salz und Pfeffer / salt and pepper

Tomaten über Kreuz einritzen und mit heißem Wasser übergießen. Kurz ziehen lassen, anschließend schälen und die Tomate klein schneiden. Zwiebel schälen und ebenfalls kleinschneiden. Knoblauch raspeln oder durch eine Presse drücken und zusammen mit der Zwiebel zur Tomatenmasse geben. Nun alles pürrieren und aufkochen lassen. Die Sahne zugeben und abermals pürrieren. Die Suppe sollte wirklich cremig und ohne Stückchen sein. Zum Schluss mit Salz, Pfeffer und den kleingeschnittenen Kräutern abschmecken.

Cut a cross on the downside of the tomatoe and pour boiling water over it. Let soak for a short while and peel the skin off the tomatoe. Cut the tomatoe, garlic and onion in fine pieces and put into a saucepan. Purée with a hand mixer and bring to a boil. Add cream, salt, pepper and finely cut herbs to your liking.


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