Mexican Evening at the Römerlager-community

The other day I was homesick for California again. I told Mona and Julian about the exquisite mexican cuisine and how it had extended my culinary horizon  a lot. We decided to go eat out mexican since there is a new mexican place in Mainz. We have only two mexican places and both are restaurants, no foodtrucks, diners or take away stands. After some time talking about how easy it actually is to make burritos the penny finally dropped and we decided to have a mexican evening with margheritas and burritos. So I went shopping for the ingredients and produced a big batch of everything: cheese, ground meat, tortillas, tortilla chips for the burrito droppings, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and so on. Everybody contributet something. My roomies for example made a traditional mexican cake, which is soaked in three different kinds of milk (fresh, condense and sugary condense milk). Everybody instantly fell in love with the food. I am sure it won’t be the last time we cooked mexican in this sharehouse =D


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