Meikes Grüne Sauce / Meike’s Green Sauce

This dish is very popular in and around Frankfurt. At this time of the year it is sold in stores and on the market, either ready made or only the herbs. I usually buy the herbs, because I learned a super yummie recepie from my friend Meike. I believe it is even her family-recepie! Traditionally Green Sauce is eaten with young boiled potatoes, but you can also very easily eat it as a dip with veggies or on a slice of bread.
There are seven herbs, that have to be in every Green Sauce: starflower (borago officinalis), chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium), burnet (sanguisorba minor) , sorell (Rumex acetosa), cress, parsley and chives. Recepies vary from region to region in germany, but where I am from it is usually done with sour cream as a base. There are recepies featuring mayonaise or yoghurt though.Zutaten / Ingredients:grünesauce1

∗ 1 Packung Grüne Sauce Kräuter / 1 Package of Green Sauce herbs
– Borretsch / starflour
– Kerbel / chervil
– Pimpinelle / burnet
– Sauerampfer / sorell
– Kresse / cress
– Petersilie / parsley
– Schnittlauch / chives
∗ 4 EL Öl / tbsp oil
∗ 1/2 EL weißer Essig / tbsp white vinegar
∗ 2-3 EL Senf / tbsp mustard
∗ 3 Becher saure Sahne / 1.3 pounds sourcream (or 21 ounces)
∗ 1 gekochtes Ei pro Person, mindestens aber 4 Eier / 1 hard boiled egg per person but minimum 4 eggs
∗ Salz und Pfeffer / salt and pepper to taste

Eier hart kochen (ca. 10 Minuten). Kräuter fein hacken. Öl, Essig, Senf mit Salz und Pfeffer vermischen. Saure Sahne unterrühren und Kräuter dazugeben. Ich gehe an dieser Stelle noch einmal grob mit dem Stabmixer durch die Masse, damit die Sauce noch grüner wird. Aber wirklich nur kurz, damit die Sauce nicht zu flüssig wird. Eier pellen, in feine Würfel schneiden und unterheben. Mit gekochten Kartoffeln genießen.

Boil eggs till they are hard boiled (takes about 10 minutes). Cut herbs finely. Mix oil, vinegar, mustard and salt and pepper well. Add sour cream and add the herbs. I like to mix the whole batch very shortly with a hand-held blender to make the sauce more greenish. Not too much though since the sauce will get thinner and thinner the longer you mix it. Peel the eggs and cut them into fine dices. Add to the herb-mixture. Enjoy with cooked potatoes.grünesauce3


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