Westcoastroundtrip #2: Olympic National Park – San Francisco

The next day we got up suuuper early to catch a low tide at ruby beach. An employe at the ranger station had told us about it’s beauty and the tide pools that could be seen there. So we got up at 5:30 and went there right away. It certainly is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. We were amongst the first people to arrive and saw the sund rise over the shoreline. The sun tickeled through the branches of the trees and the mist of the spray made the air glitter. Slowly the fog got lighter as the sun made everything turn from blue to gold. Continue reading


Westcoastroundtrip #1: Chico – Olympic National Park

Here I am, home again. And after some time of adaptation I finally want to upload some pictures for the usual suspects. I decided to divide the trip into two parts instead of doing a day-entry for every day of our travels. Though we surely experienced enough adventures to be able to do so. I started traveling with my parents in our “small” 23 foot RV in Chico. We hadn’t really planned anything except that we wanted to make it up to Olympic National Park. For the whole trip we had 19 days. We also knew that we wanted to travel up on the eastern side of the cascades and down on the coast. Our first stop was Manzanita Lake in Lassen where we stayed two days. I think this was the longest we stayed anywhere. We found morels in the woods, though they didn’t smell as intense as the ones you find around Mainz. Continue reading